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>> live and in hd, this is abc 7 "news at noon." on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> on a paper it reads three men -- for the victim's wife it goes far beyond those charges. today they came face to face. susan joins us with more. >> good afternoon. this morning tommy branch. -- appeared here. they are accused of robbing a
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man, pushing him to the ground, knocking him out and causing extensive brain damage. we heard branch admitted to stealing his cell phone and the keys. it tended to use the credit card after the robbery, trying to get gas. that is caught on video surveillance. in court today, abigail maslin his 30-year-old wife sat quietly, watching closely, her family by her side. he remains hospitalized. and also, he was in a coma for six days. one defendant, michael more raised his right to a preliminary hearing. he will be back in court november 13. these two defense will be back november 8. reporting live, suzanne kennedy, abc 7.
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>> overnight come in shooting and palmer park has turned deadly. they say they shot a 23-year-old man to death after a 11:00 p.m. last night geared so far they are not saying what sparked the shooting. breaking news from prince george's county, a former school bus driver has been sentenced to 10 years. she is accused of driving her boss and to an employee lounge at a bus a lot. three people suffered minor injuries. she was accused of first-degree assault. five of them were suspended she must also undergo a psychiatric evaluation. this noon, national fans still riding a wave of emotion thanks to this moment last night things to jayson werth. three-two, and a drive to left field. it is gone. >> after the first team pitch, a record for the post season home
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run, -- tonight the winner will move on to the nlcs on sunday. fans celebrated by standing in line to get tickets to be decisive game 5. tickets start at $90 on stub hub. $30 face value. a seat could cost you up words of $100. whether you are sitting or standing, bring a jacket. adam caskey is at nats park. with a forecast that could get a little frosty. >> i think it will b coldest baseball game we have played in quite some time here. i will have an hourly forecast for the game in just a moment. first, i have a special guest here. assistant gm to the washington nationals. i have to ask you, what was it like here in the ballpark?
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what it was awesome. a lot of fun. it was exciting to see a game and it like that. >> have you ever heard this loud? >> know. it was incredible. >> we all know people of superstitions. what about the front office? when it comes to the playoffs. are you sending memos one way or another? >> people are wearing the same clothes as yesterday. >> you mentioned you had another meeting today just like yesterday. everybody got and, in the same spot. goes through the same motions. hopefully it will pan out of the same way. what are your most looking forward to tonight? >> the energy in the ballpark. we showed we deserve to be here last night. i think that carries over to today. so, it should be a lot of fun. >> think this series is turning
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washington into a baseball is fun to see. thank you for joining us. let us talk about the forecast. a cool night at the ballpark. but a start of the current conditions. at nats park come up on the roof, 59 degrees at this time, number northwesterly breeze. but come game time, that will drop to about 13 miles per hour winds. especially at the end of the game, 5 miles per hour. i do not think the wind will play a major role. temperatures will be called. about 50 degrees for the first pitch. down to about 45 degrees by the ninth inning. let us hope it doesn't go any longer than nine, or it will be cooler. here is your trouble forecast, minneapolis, 52. miami, mid 80's. dallas, 87. i will have your weekend forecast coming up.
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>> and might be warm in dallas and miami, but they do not have playoff baseball. and dealing with a thief. somebody bikes non -- by two men known as the tutu brothers. they take these to susan g. komen events across the country. the help traffic control at intersections. no word on were the bikes are. the theft will not stop hundreds of people from marching the mass of walk to raise funds for the massive fight against breast cancer. despite the cold, there will continue on all weekend. john gonzalez with more this noon. >> it is a sobering reality, we all know someone has suffered from breast cancer. 1700 people walking the streets all over the district. it is the start of the 3 day
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susan g. komen walk. it is a very inspiring very motivating. the national spokesperson. but a survivor as well. tell us about the fight you are fighting right now. >> i may for your survivor. and one of our mission statements is that everyone deserves a lifetime. and i am so grateful to be living out mine right here in d.c. today. >> how critical are the swaps for this foundation? what they are so important. thanks to events like that, they invested millions of dollars to breast cancer research since 1982. we are winning this fight. >> good luck to you. this young lady, you are a survivor as well. a special is this for you? what's the state is so special. it means more time with my
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husband. i am fighting. i had chemotherapy yesterday. this was made possible by komen. i am walking 8 miles even though i am in nicki mallchemo. >> abc 7 is on your side. when it comes to fighting breast cancer. you can help. every time we get a like our facebook page, we will donate $1 for the breast cancer research fund. how about that? reporting live, john gonzalez abc 7 news. >> thank you. 8 miles down, 52 miles to go. 25 days until election day.
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last night was the vice presidential debate. here is a wrap up in kentucky. >> the showdown between vice president joe biden and congressman paul ryan was full of attacks. >> there has done -- >> 0 now your jack kennedy. >> finger-pointing. >> 23 million americans are out of work today. this is not what a real recovery looks like. >> and a lot of laughs. >> i know you are under a lot of brass -- duress. >> he also challenged mitt romney the's tax plan. >> it should not be surprising geared for a guy who says 47% of people are unwilling to take responsibility. they pay more tax than gov. romney pays. >> the moderator's as the setting was more intimate.
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>> the jabs at one another, it felt was more personal. >> both sides are claiming victory as the waste no time heading back out on the campaign trail to rally more support. >> it is basically a tie. joe biden brought energy. and paul ryan brought the seriousness the republicans needed. >> today on the campaign trail is back to business for both of them. joe biden will have to hire with mitt romney. first, fighting for virginia. a live picture ready to get under way in richmond. scott thuman is there with a report starting at 5:00 p.m. the meantime, coming up on news at noon, if either going to extremes to protect his children. what police are saying about this threat to shoot anyone who hits his child. and the secretary of defense setting up a warning about what he calls a cyber pearl harbor. what does that mean?
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first of the nationals are going to affect track work on metro this weekend. you might get a smoother ride. and adam caskey is down at nats
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>> i could pretty much guarantee you will never see a scene like this again. a picture that will never be repeated. a space shuttle rolling through an urban setting. this is kind of a tight the deal. but this is the space shuttle endeavour and los angeles. live pictures. sitting in a parking lot in an urban area where it will be until rush hour ends in los angeles. and then it will travel 9 miles to its home at the california science center where it will be put up right and -- and placed on display. this weakens track work on metro will start later than first planned thanks to the nationals. it could be around midnight or so. what does begin red line trains will single track between rose mayr an-- grovsner and twinbrook.
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it will not start until after the rush is over to get fans home. in a security warning from leon panetta. he says cyber threats are growing in the country. in what he calls a cyber-pearl harbor. last night leon panetta said attackers and russia, china and iran are attacking systems that guide transportation. >> the internet is open. it is hardly accessible, as it should be. but that also presents a new terrain for warfare. >> he says the pentagon is prepared to take action if america is threatened by a computer assault.
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24 members of the air force national guard were able to reunite with their families. this after spending six months training soldiers. welcome home. tonight at 5:00 p.m. -- an inspiring story of a soldier to had to relearn how to be a doctor after a serious brain injury. is now training for a race to support wounded warriors 30 had to learn how to walk run and be a doctor again. his amazing journey coming up tonight at 5:00 p.m. and the nationals are facing a big hurdle. it is do or die time against the cardinals. adam caskey joins us from nationals park. fans will have to bundle up. >> ground game time we are talking temperatures in the '40's. at first pitch at about 8:30 it will be close to 50 degrees. temperatures start to drop
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quickly the few hours after sunset. the first pitch being 50 degrees, the final pitch will be closer to about 43 or 44 degrees. will be a cool day. i have a very excited nationals a fan of a northwest washington. tell me, bottom of the ninth inning, what were your emotions? >> i was kind of excited. i was on the edge, hoping that we want. and the yankees won their game -- in the final game, they could go against each other so i could go against my uncle who was a yankees fan. i screamed a little bit. >> jumping up and down? >> jumping up and down. i knew that if he struck out i would be mad. but it was a home run. >> knocked into the visitors' bullpen. it was great. let us talk about the weather. you got your tickets.
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dress warmly. address and lyders. have your jacket. it will be in the '40's. currently, reagan national, 65. with that northwesterly wind steady at 15. gusty over 20 miles per hour. 65 in washington during a 59 in . 59 in winchester. a cold front moving through. what do i mean? well, take a look at this. we actually have a freeze watch in effect for a good portion of our viewing area. that is a freeze watch for tonight into early saturday. here is a look at the low temperatures what we are expecting by early tomorrow. 39 the likely low in the district. 29 ann romney, west virginia. manassas, a degree or two below freezing. -- in romney, west virginia.
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and by sunday, just in time for the skins game at fedex field we were into the lower 70's. ok christopher let us get back to steve in the studio -- go nats! we have your seven-day coming up. >> thank you. coming up, about a straightforward as a message can get. a man threatened to shoot driv [ barack obama ] i'm barack
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obama and i approve this message. [ female announcer ] he says... president obama and i both care about poor and middle-class families. [ female announcer ] but this is what the budget plan mitt romomney supports actually does. more huge tax breaks skewed to the wealthy. while cutting nearly eight hundred billion from medicaid... even though middle-class familiesely on medicaid to help loved ones cover nursing-home care. and it helps parents support children with disabilities. if mitt romney really "cares," wouldn't we see it in his priorities?
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>> 12:22. a father sending an extreme message to drivers to slow down in his neighborhood or else. take a look. this sign spells it out. it says, if you hit my kid, you will be shot. that went up after 1 two many drivers came close to hitting the four year-old. >> everyone will do the same thing that i m. maybe not to the extreme. but they are not as fed up as i am. >> most neighbors said they supported the sign, but say it is the extreme. police say no laws have been broken, but they are not
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exactly in forcing not met. . it seems like we are in the time of taking things to extremes. there's always somebody who takes it one step further. elizabeth knows all about that. you 20/20. >> whether you are trying to tell me, steve? >> no, no. >> we have an entire hour tonight devoted to people who go to extremes, whether it is the billionaire and hong kong who is decided to offer $65 million to any man who can squeeze his own daughter off her feet and marry her. women are eating and sleeping and cosets trying to shrink their waste.
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we are talking to a lot of people who go to a lot of different extremes on a lot of different levels. >> that seems terribly uncomfortable. you probably see the good in this, and some people probably you think they are a little off of their rocker. >> i think every time somebody takes at the one step too far, really wider you doing this? we talked to a man who had countless plastic surgeries, and in the and you wonder, what is this you are doing and why are you doing this? these people all seem healthy and happy. and get to make their case that why they think what they are doing is ok. some of it is funny, some of it is illuminating. you will see the links that people go to to accomplish their means. >> it will be an extreme version of 20/20 tonight. >> good to see you. >> that airs tonight at 10:00 p.m. still ahead ,
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fios. [ male announcer ] that's contact t the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. welcome to the value you deserve. welcome to life on fios. ♪ ♪ >> let us get back to nationals park. adam with our forecast. court's today, at 8:30 start time. temperatures down in the '40's. starting about 40 degrees. tomorrow cooler, 62 and sunny not as breezy. next chance of rain not until monday.
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